Monthly Archives: May 2017

Awards to M.Eng. students

PEESE M.Eng. students were recognized with distinguished awards by the Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. The Spring 2020 Outstanding M.Eng. Project Award was bestowed to PEESE’s Siemens Healthineers Capstone Project Team, including Alwin Thomas, Yiying Sheng, Lesley Sun, Jessica Hwang, Akshit Patel, Boru Wang, Brian Davey, Venkat Akshay […]

Jiyao wins AIChE Award

Jiyao Gao, a PEESE graduate student, was selected to receive a Sustainable Engineering Forum Student Paper Award from AIChE this year. These student paper awards are presented to graduate students who published the best technical papers that describe results related to engineering and sustainability. Jiyao is one of the three […]