• The Ph.D. programs are typically very competitive and selective, so interested applicants might consider the following M.S. programs as possible options before transitioning to the Ph.D. program:
  • Prospective M.S. Students: PEESE always welcomes self-funded M.S. students committed to high-quality thesis research. M.S. students at PEESE typically continue graduate study in one of the Ph.D. programs listed above. While some M.S. students might pursue other options after the M.S. study (e.g., finding a job in industry), they are expected to commit to thesis research progress on par with their peers at PEESE in the Ph.D. program. Here is the list of PEESE M.S. alumni (excluding those continuing for Ph.D.)
  • PEESE offers partial to full financial aid to M.S. students who make good research progress after one semester or year. Some exceptional M.S. students have even received a much higher stipend than the Ph.D. assistantship rate
  • Ph.D. and M.S. are research degree programs and require performing original research. Students interested in earning a master’s degree focusing on coursework only (i.e., non-thesis option) should pursue a professional degree instead, such as CBE M.Eng. or ECE M.Eng. See below for further details.
  • Prospective M.Eng. Students: We are excited to offer design project opportunities to CBE M.Eng. and ECE M.Eng. students at Cornell. Our M.Eng. projects covers a variety of topics, including data science, AI, software engineering, app/web development, sustainability, energy systems, computational modeling, manufacturing, process/product design, and bio-/pharmaceutical engineering. CBE and ECE M.Eng. students interested in PEESE are very welcome to contact Prof. You for M.Eng. projects through CHEME 5650 or ECE 6930/6931. We are particularly proud of the M.Eng. awards won by former PEESE students.