• Ph.D. and M.S. are research degree programs and require performing original and innovative research. Students interested in earning a master’s degree focusing on coursework only (i.e., non-thesis option) should pursue a professional degree instead, such as CBE M.Eng. or ECE M.Eng. See below for further details.
  • Prospective M.Eng. Students: We are excited to offer design project opportunities to CBE M.Eng. and ECE M.Eng. students at Cornell. Our M.Eng. projects covers a variety of topics, including data science, AI, software engineering, app/web development, sustainability, energy systems, computational modeling, manufacturing, process/product design, and bio-/pharmaceutical engineering. CBE and ECE M.Eng. students interested in PEESE are very welcome to contact Prof. You for M.Eng. projects through CHEME 5650 or ECE 6930/6931. We are particularly proud of the M.Eng. awards won by former PEESE students.