Interdisciplinary Research Themes
Big Data Analytics and Data-Driven Robust Optimization
Quantum Computing for Optimization and Deep Learning
Sustainability Analysis of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials
Water-Energy Nexus
Integrated Materials and Process Design
Chemical Manufacturing from Shale Gas
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Process Modeling and Control
Multi-Scale battery systems engineering and energy storage
Sustainable Design and Synthesis of Energy Systems
Sustainable Design and Synthesis of Energy Systems
Agent-Based Production Scheduling
Decision-making under Multi-scale Uncertainties
Integrated Scheduling and Control
Energy Supply Chain Design and Management
Network Analysis and Optimization of Product Systems
Multi-Scale Life Cycle Optimization from Process to Macroeconomics
Systems Analysis and Design for Resilience
Quantum Computing, Deep Learning, and Automatic Control

Welcome to Fengqi You Group @ Cornell University

We are an interdisciplinary Systems Engineering and Data Science research group. Our research focuses on advanced computational models, optimization algorithms, statistical machine learning methods, and multi-scale systems and data analytics tools for materials informatics, smart manufacturing, digital agriculture, quantum computing, energy systems, and sustainability. The research work at Process-Energy-Environmental Systems Engineering (PEESE) lab provides a balance between theory, computation and real world applications.