• Computational and Data Sciences

    • Large-scale mixed-integer linear, nonlinear, and bilevel programming
    • Quantum computing for optimization and machine learning
    • Data-driven decision making and grey-box digital twins
    • Learning-based control and automation
    • Cyber-physical-biological systems
    • Deep learning and generative AI
  • Multi-Scale Process, Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering (PEESE)

    • Decarbonization, climate-neutrality, and sustainable energy materials and systems
    • Life cycle energy, environmental, and economic sustainability analytics
    • Materials informatics and computer-aided molecular design
    • Digital agriculture, smart energy, and circular economy
    • Industrial big data analytics and Internet of Things
    • Supply chain optimization and smart logistics

See Collaborating for Sustainability featuring our research in artificial intelligence (AI), energy systems, circular economy, sensors, decarbonization, and quantum computing. Our recent research efforts are concentrated on AI for Science (AI4Sci) and AI for Sustainability (AI4S).

Recent stories (past four years) by Cornell Chronicle on our research:

Additional details about our research on AI for Smart Control and Automation, Quantum Computing, and Sustainable PV Energy Materials, as well as various journal covers, are in the News section. There is also a feature story on Energy Systems Engineering. Here are the lists of our papers in Nature and Science families of journals and review/perspective articles.