• Computational Modeling, Math Programming, & Artificial Intelligence

    • Large-scale mixed-integer linear, nonlinear and bilevel programming
    • Quantum computing for optimization and machine learning
    • Deep learning, machine learning, and predictive analytics
    • Complex adaptive systems and multi-agent systems
    • Data-driven optimization, analytics and control
    • Grey-box digital twins and hybrid analytics
  • Process, Energy and Environmental Systems Engineering (PEESE)

    • Life cycle energy, environmental, and economic systems analysis
    • Sustainable design of chemical processes and energy systems
    • Planning, scheduling and control for smart manufacturing
    • Industrial big data analytics and Internet of things
    • Digital agriculture, smart water and smart energy
    • Supply chain¬†optimization and smart logistics


Recent Presentations

Resilience Analysis and Optimization for Process and Energy Systems (ESCAPE 2018 Plenary Lecture)
Multi-Scale Sustainability Analytics of Energy Systems (SDEWES 2018 Plenary Lecture)
Machine Learning and Robust Optimization for Data-Driven Decision-Making (2017 CAST Webnair)
Mixed-Integer Bilevel Linear Programming Theory and Algorithm (2017 Cornell CAM Seminar)
Life Cycle Analysis and Optimization of Bioenergy Pathways (CAPE Forum 2015 Keynote Lecture)