Science Advances papers

Another Science Advances paper titled “Will reshoring manufacturing of advanced electric vehicle battery support renewable energy transition and climate targets?” was published in 2023. Relevant media reports include, Cornell Chronicle: Study unveils policy insights for reshoring EV battery production (also in TechXplore, News Azi, etc.) Another paper titled “Second life […]


Prof. You recently received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The CAREER award is the most prestigious recognition given by the NSF to teacher-scholars early in their academic careers. The awarded research project, titled ‘A Computational Framework for Multiscale Optimization of Sustainability for Process Supply Chains,’ aims […]

Prof. You invited to an EPA-NSF Workshop on Sustainability Science

Prof. You was invited by the Environmental Protection Agency and National Science Foundation to attend a scientific workshop entitled “Design of Sustainable Product Systems and Supply Chains.” The 50 participants of this workshop are sustainability science experts selected globally from government, academia and industry. For more information, please see the […]